Morales says IMF debt is damaging


Development must ‘pay attention to Mother Earth’

Redazione ANSA Milan, June 12

Being beholden to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is damaging to one’s citizens, Bolivian President Evo Morales told the Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference on Monday.
“We have said goodbye to certain models because we understand that whoever is subject to the IMF damages his people,” he said.
“The IMF must not decide, the gringos (North Americans) must not decide, it is us who will decide,” Morales said.
Development programmes must “pay attention to the values of Mother Earth and distribute resources equably,” he added.
“The results that Bolivia obtained in recent years show that this approach is possible”.
“In the coming meetings of the United Nations, we know we will have the support of the Europeans,” Morales went on.
“In this context we want to be credible, not to be subjected to anyone and not to steal,” the Bolivian chief said.
“With this trilogy of values, we will take steps forward together,” Morales said.

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